Digital Menus

Save Commercial Printing Costs

NEVER pay for ANY menu changes again!

  • Constant Pricing Updates?

  • Menu Reprint Costs?

  • Designing & Printing for Special Occasions?

  • Outdated Food Menu Pictures?

  • Out of Stock Items on Menu?

  • Torn / Lost / Destroyed Menus?

  • Update Food Prices on the go?

  • Introduce Specials of the Day?

  • Launch Special Event's Menus?

  • Update Pictures on the go?

  • Add / Remove items on the go?

  • Add New Food Sections?

  • Add or Remove Food Add-Ons?

  • Update Description on the go?

  • Add Dish Labels?

Struggling with:

Want to:

Manage your Entire Menu from your phone!

Manage Multiple Locations

Add multiple locations in your business.

Design location specific menus

You can use the same menu across all your outlets OR have separate menus for each outlet

Easy Menu Management on the Go!

1 Add Sections, Move, Delete, Hide or Duplicate your Menus with the click of a button!

2 Design a Printable Menu IN HOUSE!!!

Structure Your Menu!

1 Hide / Unhide Whole Menu

2 Toggle / Change Availability

3 Add New Sections

4 Drag and Drop Sections!

5 Hide / Unhide Sections

Manage Your Menu!

1 Hide / Unhide Whole Menu Section

2 Toggle / Change Availability

3 Add New Food Items to Section

Manage Your Food Items!

1 "Duplicate", Mark "Sold-Out", "Hide" or "Delete" Item

2 Reposition Food Item in Menu

3 Add New Food Item

Manage Your Dish!

1 Edit Dish details from here

2 Add Dish options from here

3 Toggle / Change Availability

Manage Your Dish!

1 Upload / Update Dish Images

2 Change Name

3 Add Price & Taxes

4 Add Descriptions to make Dish standout

5 Mark / Change Dish Labels

6 Toggle / Add or Remove Dish from Menu

Manage Your Dish Options!

1 Add New Option selection

2 Name your Options type

3 Single Option Selection

4 Multiple Choice Selection

5 Choice De-Selection

6 Add sub options and their prices